Northern Kentucky University - Cancelled due to Covid-19

Buried Child

Lighting Designer: Griffin Allen

Director: Michael Hatton | Scenic: Anna Schwartz | Costumes: Shelby Doyle

Final Design Presentation

About the Show

Buried Child is my first NKU Mainstage design and will open at the end of March. For this show I wanted to focus on telling the time of day while also using interesting lighting angles to convey the weird nature of the story. Above is my final design presentation which features photos of my hand when I was testing the gel colors I chose. This allowed for all the other designers and directors to see what I was bringing to the table. In my design I used very unconventional colors for my side light including R96 (Lime) and L650 (Industry Sodium) to enhance the tone of the show.

Update: Buried Child  was cancelled by the University due to the Covid-19 virus and was never able to be fully realized. I am still incredibly proud of the preproduciton work I've done for this show.

Light Plot