Pioneer Playhouse - Danville, KY - June 2018

Drinking Habits 2: Caught in the Act

Lighting Designer: Griffin Allen
Director: Eric Seale  |  Sets: Mark Hayes  |  Costumes: Katy Vest
About the Show

For this show, I had to focus on communicating the time of day throughout the many scenes of the play. One way of doing this was by creating realistic lighting through the window, and by creating a day and night look. Another important factor in the lighting was to create a "stage" look for the play-within-the-play to take place, while also creating an "backstage" look while making all the actors on the set visible. One of my favorite effects is the moment in the show where the characters see a vision of the blessed mother of Mary (when in reality it's just another character with a blue towel on her head and the light from her headlights illuminating her).