Northern Kentucky University - April 2019


Master Electrician: Griffin Allen

Director: Mike King |  Set: Cat Johnson  |  Costumes: Ronnie Chamberlain  |  Lighting: Jeremiah Kearns

For Initiative, the timeline was pretty tight and the plot was relatively complicated to get done in a short amount of time. So, as the Master Electrician I decided to create a tag system (pictured below) that would allow for a quicker hang time. These tags had the information for where in the grid system it was, the fixture the tag needed to go on, focus, and gel color. I decided to use the tags because at NKU we work with mainly experienced student electricians who don't know every detail about the plot or lighting fixtures. This system allowed me to easily convey which fixture I or my Assistant Master Electrician which lighting instrument we needed in a way they could understand easily. The first picture is a typed up prototype, while the rest feature the written tags that we were also able to color code - which also helped greatly.