My smaller projects for previous shows and courses

Small Projects


Scenic Artist - H.M.S. Pinafore

NKU Theatre & Dance - February 2020

About the Project

For our Spring musical at NKU I was asked by our scenic designer to design and paint a show drop for H.M.S. Pinafore that fit the color scheme and style of her design. She gave me free rain to design it in but it had to fit the style of old canvas advertisement and she gave me the color palette I had to work with. Once she approved my digital design (Picture #1) it then took me about a week in total to transfer and paint it on a 4'x12' piece of canvas.


Concert Programming - Adv. Lighting Design

NKU School of the Arts Course Project - April 2020

About the Project

The project was to create a full lighting design and video content for a song of our choice. The light plot was built on a pre-designed truss system and stage in Vectorworks, then export and program in Vision. Video was created in After Effects.

You can watch the finished project here: